VirtualBox settings for FreeBSD with ZFS

I am running amd64 FreeBSD 9.1 in VirtualBox with a ZFS RAIDZ file system, hosted on x86_64 ArchLinux.


General – Basic

  • Type: BSD
  • Version: FreeBSD (64 bit)

System – Motherboard

  • Base Memory: 4G
  • Chipset: ICH9
  • Enable I/O APIC

System – Processor

  • Processor(s): 4
  • Execution Cap: 75%


  • Controller: IDE (used to mound CD/DVD)
  • Controller: SATA (3 seperate drives used for RAIDZ)

Network – Adapter 1

  • Attached to: NAT
  • Advanced – Adapter Type: Intel PRO/1000 MT
  • Advanced – Promiscuous Mode: Deny
  • Advanced – Mac Address: <default>
  • Advanced – Cable connect: check
  • Advanced – Port Forwarding:
  1. Name=Rule 1, Protocol=TCP, HostIP=<blank>,Host Port=2222,Guest IP=<blank>,Guest Port=22

FreeBSD Config

Content of /etc/rc.conf


~ by kbw333 on June 25, 2013.

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