Installing Arch Linux

Why this post?

I keep having to install Arch Linux on an encrypted drive.  I’ve taken the easy way out by using just two partitions (for /boot and /).

The information I have been using are split across several pages.  I list these at the end.  All the information I use is here in this page.
A word of caution, this page is likely to be out of date before it’s published.  Arch Linux is developed at a fairly rapid pace.  Nearly everything I’ve read about it is out of date.


1. Partition the disk (/boot, swap and /).
2. Encrypt /
3. Format the partitions
4. Mount the partitions
5. Configure WiFi
6. Install basic system software
7. Set up keymaps and time zone
8. Install boot loader and kernel

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~ by kbw333 on April 25, 2013.

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