The Demise of Apple?

Apple was brought back from the brink some years ago.  Since then, they benefited from a focused design program and their brand of sanitizing part of the wilderness of consumer digital music with iTunes and iPods.

The introduction of the iPhone has set a new paradigm in phone use, and the iPad has followed in its wake.  The products are beautiful inside out.  They’re a user’s dream as much as they are an engineer’s dream.

Since the untimely death of Steve Jobs, Apple seem to changing priorities.  Users/Customers seem to be less in focus.  Instead, the company seems more concerned with taking on other companies.  The recent disappointments with the iPhone 5 is a case in point.  Removing Google products from the device does not benefit customers.

The Ford Mondeo is arguably a cheaper and better car than a BMW 320d, but BMW outsells the Ford.  Maybe Apple should concentrate on beating the competition by delivering better service rather than fighting with competitors at the customer’s expense.


~ by kbw333 on October 20, 2012.

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